5 Underrated Ways Onsite Tech Saves Planners Time & Money

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5 Underrated Ways Onsite Tech Saves Planners Time & MoneyWhen planning an event, small costs begin to add up quickly. When on a tight budget, it can seem like investing in onsite event technology is a big commitment, when in reality, all of the small costs may add up to a greater sum than the technology would. From saving you money in time and efficiency, to eliminating paper costs and cutting down on staffing costs, onsite event solutions are worth the investment when planning your event.

On-Demand Badge Printing

One of the biggest hassles in the event execution process is printing name badges and tags for attendees. Printing and reprinting outdated badges is not only exhausting and infuriating, but is also a costly process. Meanwhile, on-demand badge printing saves on paper costs, while reducing the need to reprint outdated badges. These kinds of switches make for a more seamless and smooth check-in process, instead of leaving your attendees backed up in lines and waiting around for someone to search through a pile of paper tags.

Check-In Kiosks

In the same vein, check-in kiosks allow attendees to check in themselves. This is a quicker process because attendees know their own information and can enter it more quickly, and the process itself requires fewer employees staffing the event check-in. Onsite solutions to registration like this one cut down on the middle man, which can save event planners money, or can at least allow them to reallocate their event staffers to other areas that feel understaffed. Check-in kiosks, like on demand badge printing, can cut down on the “hurry up and wait” feeling that event attendees dread.

Electronic ticketing

Electronic ticketing, too, saves time and money by straying away from wasting paper. Instead of waiting for attendees to search through their bags for their tickets, making the transition to electronic ticketing is quick and accessible. Remind your attendees of the keywords to locate the ticket in their inbox while they’re in line, and poof—the ticket appears in their hand.

Mobile Apps

Event mobile apps  are a great solution to many planner needs, from engagement to live polling to paperless agendas, but one of the most productive aspects is that mobile apps can collect attendee feedback more efficiently. Survey handout, survey collection, even making sure that all of those little pencils are sharpened: they’re a waste of time and money. Incorporating a method for attendee feedback into your event mobile app helps in so many ways, you’ll be grateful for the quick and effective method.

Demos and Networking

One of the best switches you can make for your networking  event is the smart tag. The smart tag can take the place of paper business cards, all while collecting data and analyzing your attendees behavior and patterns at the event. Working with session tracking technology is helpful for attendees and event planners alike. Ordering business cards for every employee attending an event is cumbersome and expensive, while smart tags allow your attendees to exchange contact info with the touch of a button. The resourceful technology will leave everyone feeling efficient and engaged at the end of the event.

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