WEC 2019 Wrap Up: Gamification, Networking Events, & More

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3 Aventri employees taking a selfie at WEC conference by MPI in Toronto, CanadaThis week marks the end of another WEC conference by MPI in Toronto. Aventri was onsite helping planners optimize their meetings and events, and noticed that not only did WEC focus on  teaching attendees how to create shared experiences during their events, WEC also exceeded any attendees expectations. With educational sessions on social media in the WEC Villages, networking parties, #MeetingsToo sessions, and more, WEC 2019 was a conference not to be missed.

Check out our onsite Aventri team members’ three favorite things that happened at WEC 2019.

Top 3 WEC19 Highlights

1. Alex Plaxen’s Gamification session

In Plaxen’s session titled, “How to Use Gamification to Influence Attendee Behavior”, he discussed the many assumption people have around gamification. As attendee, Nick Borelli says, “The question that Alex Plaxen had the most at #WEC19 from his gamification session was…on his idea that gamification shouldn’t be in place of engagement but is instead behavior medication. It’s a strategy and not an end to itself at events”. Plaxen argued in his session that simply integrating gamification into your events to engage attendees isn’t enough. Gamification needs to focus on, as Plaxen said himself, “amplifying behavior already occurring”.

Alex Plaxen’s Gamification session at WEC conference by MPI in Toronto, Canada

Photo Credit: Meetings Today


2. Rendezvous

Held at the Toronto Event Centre. MPI’s Rendezvous was a networking and fundraiser event was a hit! In addition to donating the proceeds to scholarships and industry grants, Rendezvous wowed guests with white décor, a dance floor, lots of space to network, and an open bar. As attendee, Leanne Calderwood said, “ It was one of the most well-attended Rendezvous events, but you had lots of space to sit with friends and not feel crowded. With the white décor, it felt more like a huge bright mansion party than a bar. I loved the décor, it immediately brightened my mood 😊.”

Rendezvous session at WEC conference by MPI in Toronto, CanadaPhoto Credit: WEC MPI Web


3. The Villages

Last year marked the launch of WEC’s Villages, and this year they were brought back by popular demand. The Villages are four smaller breakout areas that offer attendees a more accessible way to connect and learn about a variety of topics. This year WEC featured four Villages: the Leadership Village, Experiential Design Village, the Social Village, and the Innovation Village.

The Villages session at WEC conference by MPI in Toronto, Canada

Photo Credit: WEC MPI Web


Did you attend WEC? What did you think? Did we miss any cool and interesting occurrences? Let us know by commenting below!


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