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Aventri vs. Eventbrite

“I've been using the Aventri platform for 3 years for our annual user conference. I love that I can login and copy the previous year's event, making setup a breeze. It is so user friendly and time efficient.”

- G2 Crowd Member

How Aventri makes it easier

All-in-one events platform

Our platform captures meaningful data with powerful analytics to provide visual insights. We have seamless cross-event reporting to compare future and past events, and we're proud to provide full ownership of collected data to our customers.

Rich feature set from years of client feedback

We actively invest in innovative products like the Smart Tag that help bring a fresh perspective to the attendee experience. We have no daily API limit, so that you can have complete data flexibility.

Customize your way with ease

We have the most flexible and intuitive platform for look and feel customizations that match your brand guidelines. Our registration pages can even be customized with CSS to fit your most detailed requirements.

How Eventbrite makes it more stressful

Ticketing focused platform

Eventbrite focuses on serving smaller businesses that host a few events per year rather than major enterprises who host many events per year. Eventbrite has limited functionality and does not serve as a Event Management platform.

Only simple and basic flows

Eventbrite only supports basic registration flows and will leave you disappointed if you’re looking to build a complex flow with conditional questions. Eventbrite is a good fit for less complex registration flows if your business does not require custom fields.

Lack of customization

Eventbrite is not very customizable and has a rigid set of predefined rules. Eventbrite has a limited set of ready-to-use templates available, and the templates can’t be easily modified to meet your design specifications.


You can count on us

Customer Satisfaction
Languages Supported
30 million
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System Uptime
Customer Support

Our customers love us

4.3/5 from 95 Reviews
4.4/5 from 31 Reviews
“Aventri’s reporting tools, customer support, and competitive pricing made it our first choice for our annual user conference.”
Valeri Tate
Event Marketing Manager
"Year after year, we have to always bring our technology to a higher level and we can do that with Aventri."
Martin Bay
Sr. Director, Meetings Ops & Procurement
“Aventri provided me with excellent support; I never saw so much dedication to make sure all of my questions were answered in a timely manner.”
Jerome Foher
Senior Section Manager

Why etouches is the right choice


Fully integrated modern design

Aventri has a best in class user interface and helps companies create professional and well managed events that you can count on.


A complete solution

Aventri gives users access to 16 different modules for planning, management and event analysis. We deliver value by equipping your team with professional features that make the job easier and unlocks the value of your events.


A global solution that is always local

Aventri has data centers in the US, UK, and Australia to eliminate international data compliance concerns. We are PCI-compliant, adhering to the strictest data security policies and offering worldwide coverage at all times.


A support team that has your back

Aventri has a 100% in-house 24/7/365 experienced customer support team, based locally in our offices around the world.


Level up with professional services

Aventri has a full team of designers, project managers, and trainers ready to help you make your event a success. 


Unlimited users and no hidden fees

Aventri is a cost-effective solution with lifelong access to support and training. Fixed pricing per registration that drops with increased volume.

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Why Aventri beats Eventbrite