Create a Safe and Seamless Onsite Experience

Our industry-leading onsite event management solutions improve every moment of the attendee journey at your event from beginning to end.

Increase attendee engagement, deliver valuable metrics, and give your attendees and partners peace of mind with event safety protocols.


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Onsite solutions and services for any event

Aventri's onsite event management solutions that make the end-to-end process of managing your events seamless. From touchless check-in and badging to onsite mobile applications and contactless lead retrieval, we have the technology that will impress attendees, provide safety and confidence in your event, and deliver valuable data post-event.

Attendee check-in & badging solutions

Attendee check-in & badging solutions

  • Create a safe and positive first impression with touchless check-in & badging powered by NFC technology
  • Save time and resources by fully integrating Aventri's registration with onsite badge printing.
  • Showcase your brand and increase brand awareness with highly customized badge designs
  • Create a sustainable event and ensure you don’t waste badges on no-shows by printing event badges onsite
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Session tracking & access control solutions

  • Easily regulate and track attendee movement throughout the event 
  • Monitor and control attendee access to specified areas or sessions
  • Enforce capacity limits, and employ contact tracing
  • Decrease staff and create a contactless attendee flow
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Lead retrieval solution

Mobile lead retrieval app

  • Scan digital badges and collect contact details within seconds using the Aventri Lead Retrieval App.
  • Qualify leads with a variety of in-app features including notes, surveys and on-demand content delivery.
  • Directly upload leads into your CRM or MAS provider for immediate sales follow-up
  • Analyze leads in real-time by monitoring the lead dashboard in the exhibitor portal
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Aventri professional & managed services team

Onsite support specialist

  • We provide assistance and guidance during the in-person, virtual or hybrid events 
  • 24/7 support, anywhere in the world, on any Aventri product or service
  • Our skillful event professionals focus on the technology allowing you to focus on the event content
  • We provide in-depth training for all parties
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The Only All-In-One Solution for Your Meetings & Events

Enjoy the flexibility and efficiency of a fully integrated virtual and hybrid event platform with the complete toolset you need to streamline activities through all stages of the event lifecycle.