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Aventri’s event management platform enables event professionals to save time, increase efficiencies, and gather valuable data with essential tools to help alleviate the stress of your event planning process.

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Event logistics for every phase
of your event

Streamline the event planning process

Aventri enables planners to keep all teams and stakeholders on the same page with project & resource management tools that keep moving pieces in order and holds teams accountable.

Improve the attendee experience

Aventri helps event organizers create engaging experience for attendee to connect by offering networking tool that securely and privately automates the process of matching up attendees with similar interests.

Reduce expenses & maximize savings

Aventri allows you to eliminate the guesswork by providing visibility into your event's budget, easily manage expenses, and discover new opportunities to save money.   

Plan your event from start to finish

venue booking simplified with venue sourcing technology

Simplify the venue booking process

Easily manage the many details associated with sourcing meetings and capture key data to help power negotiations with venues. Our venue sourcing solution is the easiest way to send an eRFP and get bids fast!

  • Simplify the venue selection process with access to 225,000 venues worldwide. Customize your search with filters based on your meeting needs.
  • Get the best venue price by tracking all changes, rebids, and communications throughout the negotiation process.
  • Improve internal communication through centralized data and side-by-side costs & savings comparison that ensures everyone is on the same page.
  • Gather intelligent reports that aggregate key data points and relevant real-time information so that you can act on savings opportunities, identify risks, and proactively monitor preferred brand performance.
business professionals registering for an event online

Deliver an enjoyable registration experience

Deliver a perfect registration experience and increase repeat event attendance. Our attendee registration offers the most comprehensive tool on the market for designing registration workflows and reporting.

  • Empower your team to set up virtual, hybrid and in-person events with customizable registration pages to meet your event needs. Offer fast and pain-free check-in at your events.
  • Avoid risks to meetings policies and proactively make corrections.
  • Optimize planning efficiencies and discover new savings opportunities.
  • Improve internal compliance by creating approval audit trails and more.
  • Give users the full meetings picture company-wide, with improved transparency into the meetings pipeline.
Event seating layout created via seating design manager

Create the perfect event design

Design the perfect event floor plan and seating layout for you meeting and events. Our seating planner and booth floor plan designer enables you to create the ultimate layout to maximize conversations and connections.

  • Plan more intelligently by creating a custom floor plan with editable table shapes, seats, dimensions, and more.
  • Easily visualize and plan attendee placement by viewing the floor plan based on registrant category and selecting the categories that can sit at each table.
  • Save time and stay organized by quickly uploading your event floor plan to start creating your exhibition space and setting booth rates based on size, location, and other factors.
  • Optimize the exhibitor experience by allowing them to purchase booth space online and easily update their listing information.
event speaker standing at a podium addressing the crowd

Engage your audience with valuable content

Excite your event attendees with valuable and on-trend session content. Our speaker abstract solution allows you to effectively manage speaker and content submissions helping you deliver intuitive sessions.

  • Set content guidelines to keep speakers and topics aligned to the event's themes and focus.
  • Enable your team of internal and external content reviewers to approve only the best submissions.
  • Save time and ensure information consistency by automatically syncing your selected speakers and content to your registration forms, website, and agenda in Aventri.
  • Tailor speaker communication by sending emails to potential speakers at any time with targeted invitations and submission forms. Schedule confirmation emails to send to speakers once they have been approved.
Event planner managing their event budget

Gain real-time insights into event finances

Effortlessly manage event finances without being an expert with our budget planning tool. Discover new opportunities to increase revenue and to save on expenses.

  • Keep track of approved, projected and actual budget, incorporating real-time registrant data throughout the event lifecycle to ensure you know the return on your events.
  • Align your budgeting process with your event type with personalized budget templates organized by categories, vendors, attendees and cost.
  • Be ready for the global stage and save time by easily converting local currencies from over 60 countries to a standard currency for consistent reporting.
  • Optimize future spend and set KPIs for future events by running cross event profitability reports.
essential attendee feedback captured via online survey on mobile phone

Capture essential attendee feedback

Connect with attendees and analyze results that provide meaning back to your event and business objectives. Our survey solutions collect insightful feedback that helps create a powerful attendee community.

  • Capture essential attendee feedback with a variety of survey question formats.
  • Reduce manual work by cloning survey templates for use across your brands' events.
  • Gain more insight into survey success by tracking open and submission rates and visually analyzing the results with pie, bar, or line charts.
  • Make on the spot adjustments or include audience feedback in your sessions with live attendee feedback from surveys sent during sessions.
Group of business professionals walking through an airport together

Craft a seamless event logistics strategy

Keep your team on track and on time by keeping all of your tasks organized and prioritized. Our project collaboration and resource scheduler helps you build trust among your team by having all of your logistics in one central location.

  • Stay organized and ensure accountability with detailed project reporting and timelines that can be filtered by assignee, end date, status, and more.
  • Facilitate seamless communication with email alerts that can be sent out once users are assigned a task and at designated times thereafter.
  • Schedule rooms and assign essential details such as room name, room availability dates,room capacity, and room style.
  • Seamlessly integrate with external meeting planners, A/V and catering by providing full or read-only access to room schedules.
aventri's API and integrations

Power your events using APIs & Integrations

Integrate your valuable event data into your sales & marketing ecosystem. Explore and find integrations with apps and services and connect Aventri with your ecosystem.

  • Create complete attendee and customer profiles by integrating event & travel data into your prospect records in your CRM and marketing databases.
  • Reduce manual work, such as importing and exporting spreadsheets, by directly pushing Aventri data into your CRM and marketing automation databases.
  • Aventri's open API enables you to push and pull data from into any of your existing event software tools.

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