Aventri Affinity Podcast: Episode 6

MS Management

In our 6th episode of Aventri's (formerly etouches) Affinity Podcast series, we are joined by a special guest-host, Sarah Imarata, Aventri's Director of Marketing and Sales Automation who interviewed Marti Smith, the President & CEO of MS Management, LLC.

Many of you in our audience frequently attend, as well are members of their organization's events' team. Ready to get insights into what it takes to own and operate a successful agency? Marti takes us through her story from what it's like being her own boss, the challenges that come with this and running an event agency, to how her and her team measure and define what success means.


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What You'll Learn

How being her own boss has allowed Marti the flexibility to be able to travel and meet many impactful people in the industry

How budget is one of the biggest challenges in planning events and how she and her clients work around this

That a successful event is measured by the feedback you receive from both attendees and exhibitors

When breaking into the industry, doing your research is essential to really understand what it takes to pull off a successful event

That 3rd party event planners and agencies can relate to Marti's experiences, challenges and how you can determine what makes an event successful

About the Presenters

sarah imarata.png

Sarah Imarata

Director of Marketing and Sales Automation, Aventri

Sarah Imarata aka “Salesforce Sarah” is Aventri’s (formerly etouches) Director of Marketing and Sales Automation.  She and her team provide the technical ecosystem to effectively market through multiple channels as well as enabling sales with tools to increase productivity.  Sarah graduated from Randolph-Macon College with a degree in Business and Economics.   She has spent most of her professional life translating business processes into successful technical solutions.  Sarah has a 9 year old daughter that keeps her busy when she is not making automation dreams come true.

marti smith.png

Marti Smith

President & CEO of MS Management, LLC


Marti Smith is the President and CEO of MS Management, LLC. While Marti has been in the event industry for many years, she decided 8 years ago to branch out and start her own global company.  Marti’s company’s expertise spans from golf tournaments, static displays of hundreds of cars, to large aviation trade shows and many others.  MS Management is committed to executing successful events and trade shows that will help grow your business and add value across the board!