How Diagnosing Your Technology Pain Points Can Increase Attendee Satisfaction

Aventri conducted a survey with over 230 global event professionals, and found that attendee satisfaction is the most important indicator for event success. With that being said, most were only scratching the surface on how they could use technology to increase their attendees. 

Throughout this whitepaper, we will look at the common event technology pain points from our research and offer solutions on how technology can be used to alleviate these issues. You will also receive advice from four event experts on how technology can increase attendee satisfaction at every stage of your event.

What You'll Learn:

  • Six common pain points for global event planners
  • The way onsite technology can enhance the attendee experience
  • Where certain regions struggle the most when it comes to event technology
  • How to choose the right technology for your specific pain points

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What are your #plannerpainpoints?

Throughout this whitepaper, learn six of the common pain points that event planners are facing today, and how you can alleviate that stress with event technology.