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Deliver engaging hybrid and virtual events

Save time and enjoy the flexibility of a fully integrated virtual event platform. Plan, promote, analyze and execute all your virtual, hybrid and in-person events.

From registration, streaming live sessions and providing an online event lobby for attendees, to virtual and hybrid event reporting, our event management platform has you covered, every step of the way.
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Aventri’s virtual platform addresses use cases based on different event sizes, yearly event volume and widely varied event formats. As a result, the new solution meets the needs of what clients are looking for today and the future by providing an integrated solution with a superior viewing platform and best-in-class tracking and reporting capabilities.

Find answers to frequently asked questions about Aventri’s fully integrated virtual and hybrid event platform.

One unified platform to power all hybrid, virtual and in-person events

Run all types of events with one platform

Streamline business workflows through the power of a single platform: one license, one log-in, one support and training team. All of the tools you need to effectively plan your event from start to finish.

Real-time insights into event performance

Get unprecedented insights into virtual event performance such as session data, attendee behavioural data and much more. Providing you with the data you need to prove value to your organization.

Industry-leading security & privacy

Experience the high level of security and privacy necessary in delivering virtual experiences. All of our products and services are protected with powerful built-in security technologies that help detect and block threats from ever reaching you.

Engaging virtual events: from start to finish

amazing virtual and hybrid event experiences

Deliver amazing virtual and hybrid events at scale

Deliver engaging virtual experiences by live streaming your event across the globe. Enable everyone to  become full participants without the barriers of travel expenses and language.

  • Create amazing virtual experiences for any event with features including live streaming, watching on-demand and community moderation.
  • Increase your brand influence by live streaming your event to expose your content to a larger global audience.
  • Deliver an enjoyable, fully integrated registration experience. Effectively promote your event by leveraging the website builder and email marketing tool.
  • Maximize your event investment by reducing costs on logistics, technology, venue and headcount expenditures; allowing you to put your resources where they matter most.
virtual attendee engagement

Enhance the attendee experience

Turn your virtual or hybrid events into a memorable experience by offering innovative attendee networking that will expand your audience and bring more people together.

  • Maximize engagement by facilitating live Q&A, messaging and on screen annotations.
  • Create meaningful connections and provide a lobby where your attendees can hang out before or in between sessions.
  • Distribute personalized webinar attendee registration links from Aventri's proprietary streaming technology or platforms such as Zoom, On24, Webex.
  • Deliver a seamless and personalized virtual experience with customizable engagement panels that put everything at an attendees’ fingertips including speaker bios, questions submissions, and session evaluations.
  • Gain a complete picture of attendee engagement analytics— from the moment the event invitation is issued to individual session insights.
Virtual metrics and analytics

Gain real-time insights into event performance

Gain valuable insights and meaningful data from your virtual and hybrid events to help understand your event’s success and provide real-time ROI.

  • Leverage the power of one integrated platform to manage both virtual and in-person events or hybrid events
  • Capture and integrate virtual attendee data with a comprehensive view of the value your events generate — and the means to directly impact the outcomes.
  • Effectively run reports including registration data, live and virtual session details, email marketing data and more.
  • Get drill-down data on every attendee and discover exactly when people entered, left and how long they stayed during a session.
  • Avoid your event and sales data from living in silos. Effortlessly merge your virtual event data directly into your CRM and marketing automated databases, such as Salesforce , HubSpot, and Marketo.

Industry-leading online security & protection

At Aventri, security is our highest priority. We invest heavily in security and privacy protocols to ensure we meet or exceed industry standards, government regulations and our customers’ expectations.

  • No matter where you live-stream your virtual event in the world, Aventri will ensure your data is secured to the highest standard with end-to-end encryption and no local applications for hosts or attendees to install.
  • Aventri services are continuously protected by the industry's most advanced security infrastructures. Leverage our attendee security as a gateway into the virtual event.
  • Fully adhered to all GDPR & CCPA regulations and offer customers three different cloud hosting locations to increase speed, data security and compliance with your organization's policies.
  • Broadcast confidentially with our dedicated global security team continually monitoring and responding to potential vulnerabilities and threats to our technology infrastructure.

Partner with experienced event professionals

With exceptional attention to detail and client support, our experienced event professionals help guide you through every aspect of your virtual events.

  • Knowledgeable event project managers will save you time, keep you organized, and help you plan a more seamless virtual experiences by building out custom event registration sites, email invitations, surveys, and more.
  • Support teams provide clients and organizers with 24/7 support, anywhere in the world, on any Aventri product or service.
  • Choose from a pre-structured training program or create your very own tailored program, featuring our arsenal of best practices to help encourage across the board adoption for your team.
  • Highly skilled event strategy consultants deliver valuable data and analytics that will help support your virtual or hybrid event goals and drive future decision-making.

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