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etouches Announces Rebrand to Aventri

NORWALK, Conn.July 12, 2018 - etouches, the leading global provider of innovative event management software solutions, announced today it is rebranding to Aventri. Since 2008, etouches has provided event management and venue sourcing solutions to a broad set of customers worldwide. The rebrand embraces a new era of opportunity, focusing on the power of facilitating meaningful personal connections.

The name Aventri is a result of three ideas; avenue, events, and entry. The combination of these three elements result in a re-charged identity that forges a new path by transforming the event experience through products and people, in turn, creating a new way to challenge the market.

"Our rebranding project was ignited by the desire to take our former name and branding to the next level of our successful growth via a more thorough and strategic understanding of what our brand stands for, our commitment to our customers, and how we can be truly differentiated as a company in a highly fragmented and competitive market," said Chalva Tchkotoua, CMO of Aventri.

The rebrand encompasses three pillars:

  • Curation: Helping customers navigate the often overwhelming event management software (EMS) industry by curating custom solutions that address their specific needs.
  • Navigation: Dedication to staying ahead of the innovation curve by helping clients chart a sure-footed path forward.
  • Connection: Enable high-quality connections to drive ROI in every interaction.

"Aventri conveys our current values, our vision and the future direction of the company. There isn't a company in the market today that provides event managers and meeting planners with the most innovative solutions and industry leading event management platform the way we do," said Oni Chukwu, CEO of Aventri. "With Aventri, event and meeting planners are better able to execute world-class events and shape an attendee's experience unleashing the power of personal connections through meaningful meetings and events."

In addition to the name change, Aventri's new tagline "Connect Better" conveys the company's mission to foster deeper relationships with event, meeting and strategic marketing professionals and in turn enabling them to create deeper and more meaningful relationships with their colleagues, constituents, and clients. As events are the largest portion of the $60 billion B2B marketing budget, accounting for 24% of spend, or approximately $14 billion. Event spending is growing 6% per year, and is second only to a company's website, as the most effective B2B marketing channel. As such, "Connecting Better" is a key component of maximizing ROI on this powerful channel.

The rebrand is a major step for Aventri in becoming the fastest growing player in the $9 billionevent management software (EMS) industry. With four acquisitions in the past two years, Aventri's growth-focused agenda includes organic growth and targeting complementary strategic acquisitions. Aventri's acquisition by private equity firm HGGC in early 2017 allowed the company to accelerate its growth through developing talent and introducing new products and innovations to the marketplace.

"We are confident that Aventri's rebrand will help continue to elevate the company's identity in the market and align the brand with the level of sophistication that is already present in its product set today," said Richard Lawson, co-founder and CEO of HGGC. "Under Oni's leadership, the Aventri brand will continue to disrupt the market with their full-suite solution that addresses the entire scope of event management needs."   

About Aventri

Aventri is a global leader in cloud-based analytics and data-driven end-to-end event management and venue sourcing solutions. The award-winning, open-source platform delivers innovative technology solutions to streamline the event process, providing real-time data and analytics on event performance, customer engagement, and increasing measurable event ROI. Founded in 2008, Aventri has assisted over 25,000 event professionals in planning, executing, and measuring their events. With a focus on event sourcing and hospitality, registration, marketing, logistics, engagement, mobile, and data analytics, the company serves more than 1,300 customers including leading corporations, associations, agencies, and educational institutions globally. Headquartered in the United States, the company also has offices in the UK, Belgium, Australia, Singapore, India, and UAE. Aventri is a portfolio company of private equity firm HGGC. Learn more at

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