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Attendee Check-In &
Badging Solutions

Create positive first impressions for your attendees as soon as they step onsite with streamlined check-in. Leverage the power of NFC (Near Field Communication) to improve the attendee experience and give you more accurate, robust data at every point of your event. All non-NFC badges are recyclable. See a Demo

Use Aventri to speed up attendee check-in

Turn Any Area into a Check-In Area

  • Eliminate long lines and wait times at your event’s check-in area with our mobile check-in carts.
  • Carts can be set up anywhere from airports to hotel lobbies, allowing your attendees to get checked-in and retrieve their badges right away.
  • Have walk-ins showing up at your events? Attendees can easily be registered onsite and then immediately be presented with their credentials.
  • While we offer standard check-in tablets and computers, our solution is also available in various other formats such as remote carts and do-it-yourself boxes, like BadgeNow.
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Simplify Your Event Check-in With BadgeNow, an All-in-one Check-in and Badging Box

  • Integrates seamlessly with Aventri registration, preventing any lost data or the hassle of 3rd party integrations
  • Contains all necessary hardware, badge stock, cables and instructions to get your event check-in up and running in minutes
  • Comes with durable, high-quality badge stock that can be easily customized using the Aventri Badge Editor
  • Choose between a variety of box options depending on badge preference and event size
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Cut Wait Times with Self-Service Check-In Carts

  • Cut down long lines and wait times at your registration area by giving attendees the option to check themselves in at designated self-serve stations.
  • Equipped with QR codes and scanners, these stations allow attendees to check-in and get their badge without having to speak with an attendant.
  • Check-in is fully integrated with Aventri's Registration, but can also easily integrate with other registration providers.
  • Attendee info can then be printed on to any style of Aventri badge in seconds.
NFC encoded event badge

Superior Badging Technology and Flexibility to Fit your Event's Needs

  • Select from 7 different badge sizes that can be printed in color or black & white on plastic, paper or vinyl badges.
  • NFC encoded badges enable a variety of solutions including lead retrieval, wallet-less payments, and session access
  • Badge printing can be accomplished pre-event or on-demand at your event check-in. Printers print in color or black and white, and can encode NFC functionality.

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Showcase Your Brand, Help Attendees Interact

  • Badge design can be customized to any theme, from your organization's branding to that of your specific event.
  • Utilize different designs, patterns, and lanyards to help categorize and easily identify attendees.
  • Badges and lanyards can feature your sponsor's logos, providing you with additional revenue streams.
  • With your organization's branding on the badge, your attendees become brand ambassadors inside and outside of your event venue.
Aventri's printer management cloud application

Provide Attendees With the Most Accurate, Up-to-Date Credentials

  • Aventri's check-in solution integrates seamlessly into our registration system to ensure that attendee information can be easily updated and changed while onsite.
  • Using our printer management cloud application, information can be updated on-demand to ensure that each attendee receives an accurate badge.
Aventri's check-in and badge printing solutions integrate seamlessly

Integrated With the Aventri Platform

  • Aventri's check-in and badge printing solutions integrate seamlessly into our registration system to ensure that attendee information can be easily printed, updated or changed while onsite.
  • Attendee badge scans can be added to each attendee's profile, helping you understand who and what your attendees are engaging with, along with where they go at your event.
  • Aventri badges and wristbands are compatible with Lead Retrieval, Digital Wallet, and Materials Distribution, helping your attendees to avoid the need to carry extra cash and bags.

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