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Badging Solutions

Create a safe and positive first impression for your attendees as soon as they step onsite with our fully integrated, contactless, easy-to-use check-in and badging solutions. See a Demo

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Attendee Badge & Credential Solutions

There's no such thing as a standard event badge. We'll help you find the right badging solution to fit your brand and your audience.

  • Badges can either be plastic or paper card stock and can be scanned via NFC, QR, BLE, or UHF technology, with branding custom to your event or brand.
  • Scanned data delivers live updates on attendee count, session attendance, contact tracing, and more to event organizers and stakeholders.
  • Integrate with registration for a safe, seamless, and contactless check-in.
  • Print multiple badge designs containing different colors, allowing you to know where a person belongs while keeping a safe distance.n belongs while keeping a safe distance.
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event check-in station

Contactless Check-in and Onsite Registration Solutions

Whether you're checking in pre-registered attendees or facilitating those who want to register onsite, Aventri has the safe solutions you need.

  • Eliminate time wasted in long lines and lengthy check-in processes with various rapid contactless check-in and badge printing methods.
  • Save time and resources by fully integrating Aventri's registration with onsite badge printing.
  • Increase attendance by allowing guests to register at the event, seamlessly integrating them into your existing registration categories.
  • Create a sustainable event and ensure you don’t waste badges on no-shows or have to reprint badges for name changes by printing event badges onsite.
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Aventri's BadgeNow onsite printer

Simplify Your Event Check-in With BadgeNow, an All-in-one Check-in and Badging Box

  • Integrates seamlessly with Aventri registration, preventing any lost data or the hassle of 3rd party integrations
  • Contains all necessary hardware, badge stock, cables and instructions to get your event check-in up and running in minutes
  • Comes with durable, high-quality badge stock that can be easily customized using the Aventri Badge Editor
  • Choose between a variety of box options depending on badge preference and event size
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Aventri check-in

Aventri Aloha Check-in

  • An easy-to-use, seamless iPad check-in app that works in both admin and kiosk modes and can be easily set up in the Aventri platform.
  • Able to work offline, meaning attendees can continue being checked-in if internet connectivity is temporarily lost.
  • Ensures accurate, up-to-date attendee information as attendee details can be easily edited at any point throughout the event.
  • Allows event organizers to gain a deeper understanding of event activity with a detailed, real-time check-in data dashboard.
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