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Session Tracking &
Access Control

Monitor and control attendee access to specified areas or sessions while tracking movement throughout the venue. See a Demo

Successful Customers Using Aventri Access Control

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Event attendee tapping their badge on a NFC reader in order to be granted access to a session.

Decrease Staff and Create an Effortless Attendee Flow

  • Customizable pods come equipped with an NFC reader and access control tablet.
  • Attendees simply tap their badges to the NFC reader in order to be granted or denied access.
  • One staff member can monitor several pods, cutting down the number of staff compared to handheld scanners.
 Male event professional using a handheld access control and session scanner to regulate attendee access.

Quickly Track and Regulate Session Attendance

  • Using NFC technology, our handheld access control and session scanners are able to regulate attendee access in seconds.
  • Using credentials that are pre-loaded onto the badge, our application will turn red for access denied, or green for access granted.

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