Session Tracking &
Access Control

Regulate attendee access and create safer onsite experiences for your in-person meetings and events. Our access control and session tracking solutions monitor and control attendee access to specified areas or sessions while tracking movement throughout the venue, helping you enforce capacity limits and enabling you to employ contact tracing at your event.

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Give Your Attendees and Partners Peace of Mind with Safer Onsite Experiences

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Event attendee tapping their badge on a NFC reader in order to be granted access to a session.

Decrease Staff and Create a Contactless Attendee Flow

  • Customizable pods come equipped with an NFC reader and access control tablet.
  • Attendees simply tap their badges to the NFC reader in order to be granted or denied access.
  • Digital badges and mobile event apps work together to reduce wait times and congestion, creating a safe and seamless experience. 
  • One staff member can monitor several pods, cutting down the number of staff compared to handheld scanners.
session and access control

Quickly Track and Regulate Session Attendance

  • Create a safe onsite environment with features including real-time capacity control & contact tracing.
  • Using NFC technology, our handheld access control and session scanners are able to regulate attendee access in seconds.
  • Using credentials that are pre-loaded onto the badge, our application will turn red for access denied, or green for access granted.

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