The New Playbook for Event Marketing

Everyone loves going to events.

It’s a time to learn, meet others in your industry, get inspired and obviously have some fun 🎉

And that’s why companies put on events.

But, events cost A LOT of money.

In fact, 24% of a marketer's budget is spent on live events.

And, ROI of these events is crucial.

So, Drift and Aventri are getting together to show you exactly what you need to do to actually make money on your company’s events.

We’re walking through the new playbook for event marketing, and you won't want to miss it!

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What You'll Learn

New ways to drive more registrants to your event

Steps to increase quality of attendee engagement

Monetization techniques to apply when using a Mobile App

Meet the Team

About the Presenters

Janna_Erickson copy-1.jpg

JanNa Erickson

Events Team Lead, Drift


Marcella Lavras

Marketing Operations, Aventri