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Automotive Industry

Keep your competitive edge in the industry with an event software platform that allows you to better understand your customers and to better educate your team.

Manage every aspect of your events.

Targeted Marketing

Reach your ideal audience with our integrated email marketing tool to easily communicate from registration to post-event follow up.

Memorable Events

Create unique experiences for your attendees with a mobile app designed for engagement, networking and communication.

Coordinate Logistics

Manage your team's activities, create your onsite schedule and develop your floorplan all in one platform.

Create a Unique Brand Experience

Infuse your brand into your event and maintain consistency with cloning capabilities from event to event.

Capture Attendee Insights

Through wearable smart tags, collect detailed information on your attendees' activities throughout your event.

Analyze Your Event in Real-Time

At any time, view event activity in real-time dashboards, deploy surveys through your mobile app and much more.