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Higher Education

Seamlessly plan all on and off campus events - everything from orientations and graduations, to regional alumni fundraisers and networking events.

Seamlessly plan all your events

Manage Registrations

Enhance your registration for all college and university events with the ability to clone reoccurring events year after year.

Engage the Community

Create an extension of your website by adding mobile apps to orientation and alumni events, creating a community that lives on past the weekend.

Measure Your Success

Get feedback on your event with technology that can track the entire journey and enhance your future campus events.

Create a Communication Hub

Boost interest in both on and off campus events by developing branded websites and email communication.

Increase the Connections Made

Connect like-minded people at your orientations, homecoming weekends and more with interest based matchmaking.

Gain Visibilty into Your Event Success

Utilize one tool to gather essential data on your attendees and metrics on each event's ROI to increase future success.