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Higher Education

Seamlessly plan all on and off campus events - everything from orientations and graduations, to regional alumni fundraisers and networking events. See a Demo

Seamlessly plan all your events

Manage Registrations

Enhance your registration for all college and university events with the ability to clone reoccurring events year after year.

Engage the Community

Create an extension of your website by adding mobile apps to orientation and alumni events, creating a community that lives on past the weekend.

Measure Your Success

Get feedback on your event with technology that can track the entire journey and enhance your future campus events.
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Engage fans at sporting events

Thrill your alumni, students, faculty, staff and fans with an experience surrounding major tournaments, off campus games, and on campus activities.

In this podcast, Villanova University lays out the event mobile app they built on the Aventri platform for the March Madness run to the National Championship. In it, Sandy Upton walks through how the mobile app enabled her team to drive more stakeholders to the app, provide real time information on event surrounding game sites, and how to monetize event management software.

Event Technology for March Madness

Enhance and grow Higher Ed events

Leverage event management software to make events easier to pull off, and more likely to deliver results.

Together with Social Tables, Aventri developed four steps to success for any event planner working in higher ed, with technology at the core.

4 Steps to Enhancing and Growing Events

Plan Higher Ed events strategically

Overcome challenges of a diverse portfolio of events, quantifying and defining the success and challenges of an event, and the components to getting buy-in from your team's key stakeholders.

In this podcast with Randolph Macon University, Sarah explores how higher ed event planners are thinking about events strategically, and how they support the university and college missions, help make decisions on resource allocation and allow us to measure the success of higher ed events.

Higher Ed Event Strategy

Prepare for Commencement events

Easily manage your Commencement events through planning, onsite logistics and post event follow up. Automate the processes and leave the events team to focus on delivering excellent experiences to university stakeholders.

In this podcast, Kyle from Columbia University walks us through how he plans and executes on events surrounding their Commencement weekend.

Columbia University Events Best Practices

Fundraise at Higher Ed Events

Increase giving levels and loyalty to annual and capital campaigns. Create new ways to connect with alums, parents and friends of your institution.

In this blog, we breakdown the drivers of fundraising success and how event management software can support those drivers by improving events and making them more easy to manage.

Higher Ed Fundraising

Improve the student experience

Connect like-minded people at your orientations, homecoming weekends and more with interest based matchmaking and experiential marketing best practices.

In this blog post, we look at 3 ways higher ed event planners can improve the student experience with mobile apps for higher ed events.

Experiential Marketing at Higher Ed Events

Automate Higher Ed events

Make meetings and events on campus easy to manage, tied into your systems and visible to all stakeholders.

In this blog, we help higher ed event planners think through whether they need event management software. To be sure, planners should be building a strategic events plan and developing business cases for what technology is required to support that plan.

Higher Ed Event Automation

Gain visibility into your event success

Utilize one tool to gather essential data on your attendees and metrics on each event's ROI to increase future success.

In this blog post, we outline how to effectively measure and monitor events and meetings and identify the implications for higher ed event planners.

Measuring Event Success

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