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Higher Education Planners partner with Aventri to create an engaging environment on and off campus, to increase revenue and fundraising efforts, and, most importantly to build lifelong relationships with students and alumni. See a Demo

Seamlessly plan all your events

Tailored Event Experience

Aventri provides you with all the essentials you need to make planning more efficient and events more successful, creating a stronger community for your institution.

Engage Your Community

Keep attendees engaged at all times of your event, whether it’s a campus visit, graduation or alumni event our solutions ensure that your academic journey is simplified.

Grow Your Institution

Collect insightful feedback and connect with your attendees to better understand what they think and how they feel about your events happening on and off campus.

Data Trust & Security

Aventri has gone beyond compliance with data privacy & security and offers customers three different cloud hosting locations to increase speed, data security and compliance with higher ed policies.
College students cheering and celebrating at an alumni event

Drive Demand for Your Events On & Off Campus

Thrill your alumni, students, faculty, staff and fans with a seamless event experience from beginning to end.

  • Deliver a mobile-responsive registration experience that fully aligns with your school’s brand and with registration categories that resonate with your alumni, students, faculty, staff and fans.
  • Create a customizable mobile event app to push relevant offers and information to attendees before, during & post event.
  • Run effective email marketing campaigns to promote your events happening both on & off campus, expand your school’s brand awareness, and fill your event with the right attendees.
  • Have access to valuable attendee data and event analytics that will enable you to personalize the event experience and better understand your event audience.
  • Dedicated developers help to build digital solutions for both in-person & virtual events including email invitations, event website, registration sites, surveys and more.
  • Aventri ensures that all sensitive attendee data remains private and secure by assisting your institution and building procedures with our data processor to guarantee compliance.
college student attending a virtual event in her dorm room

Pivot to Virtual & Hybrid Student Events

Whether you're planning alumni weekends, continuing education conferences or student banquets, our fully integrated virtual event platform can handle a diverse event portfolio and simplifies collaboration and communications between administrative, academic, alumni and operations staff.

  • Exchange ideas and join the conversation from anywhere in the world with features including live streaming, watching on-demand and community moderation.
  • Increase face-to-face time and strengthen professional relationships through video by providing a virtual lobby where attendees can network before or in between sessions.
  • Whether it’s a virtual or hybrid event, broadcast first-class education confidentially with our dedicated global security team continually monitoring and responding to potential vulnerabilities and threats to our technology infrastructure.
  • Build quality relationships with key prospects and boost your lead generation efforts by leveraging Aventri's digital lead retrieval solution across your events portfolio. Turn event leads into highly qualified opportunities and get the most out of every conversation with integrated lead qualification.
  • Track virtual event intelligence and uncover the true value of your events. Discover exactly which conversations turned into qualified opportunities, so that you can drive revenue and engagement at your live, virtual or hybrid events.
  • Knowledgeable virtual event specialist create a project plan model that ensures your virtual event is successful, your goals are met and that you and your team can replicate for future virtual events.
College students dressed in cap and gowns

Become An Event Logistics Expert

Automate the event planning processes and leave your events team to focus on delivering excellent experiences to university stakeholders.

  • Manage hundreds of event details from start to finish and keep your team on time and on track from one centralized place.
  • Organize room setup and provide clarity to all stakeholders of what A/V equipment, seating, and more are available in specific rooms.
  • Control and track event expenditure, revenue streams and overall financial performance with integrated budget management.
  • Simplify the process of booking venues and deliver visibility into your total meeting spend with strategic sourcing solutions designed to manage the many details associated with sourcing meetings capturing key data to help power negotiations with venues.
  • Collect insightful feedback that helps create a powerful attendee community with survey solutions that easily integrates with registration, so you can send surveys with the confidence that they are going to the right people.
higher education gathering

Deliver Seamless Events for Your Institution

Leverage event management technology to make events easier to pull off, and more likely to deliver results.

  • Create positive first impressions for your attendees as soon as they step onsite with streamlined check-in and cutting-edge badge technology.
  • Leverage the power of NFC, QR, BLE, or UHF technology to improve the attendee experience and give you more accurate, robust data at every point of your event.
  • Monitor and control attendee access to specified areas or sessions using a variety of hardware methods such as tap n' go pods, tabletop readers or handheld devices.
  • With exceptional attention to detail and client support, our professional services team aids clients in achieving their event goals using the Aventri suite of products and services.
businesswoman looking at higher education event data

Boost Event Success with Real-Time Insights

Utilize one tool to gather essential data on your attendees and metrics on each event's ROI to increase future success.

  • Understand which sessions, exhibitors, sponsors, speakers, and more had the greatest impact on your attendees for the complete picture of event success.
  • Visual dashboards provide you with the essential transparency and insight you need to take action and optimize your event’s value in real-time against the goals you set.
  • Reduce manual work, such as importing and exporting spreadsheets, by directly pushing data into your current CRM and marketing automation databases.
  • Event strategy consultants are available to assist you in analyzing and understanding your event data to drive positive results.

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