European Hotels Begin Reopening to Guests

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hotel employees getting their temperature checked and screened for Covid-19 symptoms before they start their shiftWith over 2.4 million confirmed cases of Coronavirus and more than 165,000 confirmed deaths globally, Europe's travel and tourism industry has been significantly impacted. At the start of the outbreak, the average hotel occupancy had dropped to 12%. and many countries faced zero demand during the months of April and May as a result of lockdowns and restrictions. 

As Restrictions Ease in Europe Meetings & Events Will Resume

After battling to contain COVID-19 infections, Europe has successfully flatted its curve allowing countries to ease restrictions. This is great news for the tourism and hospitality industry, which accounts for 9.5% of the EU's GDP and provides 11.2% employment. However, reviving each countries economies won't be easy. Many countries have placed restrictions on tourism, such as which country's citizens are allowed to visit or travel due to infectious rates. At this time, no U.S. resident or citizen is allowed to travel to Europe, due to the rate of infections in the U.S.. In addition, new health and safety regulations have been put in place to ensure the safety of all residents and visitors, which include capacity restrictions to allow for social distancing.

Even though not all countries are 100% open, it is never too early to start thinking about where your next meeting or event may take place. Aventri has compiled a list of countries, detailing their reopening status, and hotels that are open for guest bookings. To help you with your search, Aventri offers a strategic venue sourcing solution that simplifies the process of booking venues and delivers visibility into total meeting spend. Our venue sourcing platform manages all your details associated with sourcing your meetings or events and captures the key data to help power negotiations. Before planning or booking a venue, please be sure to check with your potential attendees embassies and where they are coming from to verify that they are or are not permitted to travel to one of these locations, as these restrictions can vary.  

Which Countries Are Reopening & Accepting Reservations?


Spain has lifted its state of emergency, opened its borders, and lifted the quarantine order for British travelers. With the recent reopening of the state comes new health and safety measures. Visitors coming through the airport will have their temperatures checked. Additionally, people must still adhere to social distance requirements of 1.5 meters, wearing a mask in public, and washing their hands frequently.  To welcome visitors, hotels have reopened with social distancing and increased hygiene protocols. Check out these hotels for your next meetings and events:


France lifted their stay at home order back in May and have since reopened the rest of the country. Now theatres are open for shows with social distancing measures in place, beaches and lakes are open, and children can attend secondary or high school. Hard hit areas, such as Paris, have reopened with outdoor seating at bars, restaurants, and cafes and even the Louvre is open for guests. Check out these hotels for your next meetings and events:


German Chancellor Angela Merkel started reopening Germany at the beginning of May with limits on social contact in place. Now as shops, restaurants, and hairdressers have reopened, people will still need to adhere to social distancing of 1.5 meters apart, wearing coverings over their mouth and nose in public, and additional hygiene measures. Hotels have also reopened to visitors within Germany and the EU. Some hotels are providing guests with complimentary sanitation kits, which include hand sanitizer. Staff will be required to wear masks and limit occupancy to 60%. Check out these hotels for your next meetings and events:


Visitors to Portugal will find that the country has reopened many businesses, including shops, zoos, museums, restaurants and bars with curfews, and other attractions. To keep everyone safe, Portugal requires social distancing and wearing a mask. Additionally, businesses have the opportunity to earn the “Clean and Safe” seal that certifies a company meets certain hygiene requirements and follows strict safety measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. At this time, only those traveling from the United States who are Portuguese citizens, dual-citizens, or U.S. citizens who are lawful residents of the EU are permitted to enter the state. Check out these hotels for your next meetings and events:


With the second largest population of people over 65 in the EU, Greece’s quick response to COVID-19 enabled them to have one of the lowest case counts and deaths in the EU. After reopening businesses, schools, public beaches, and religious places, Greece has reopened its border to visitors from the EU. Strict sanitation requirements have been put in place, as well as the requirement to wear a mask in public and during services that require physical contact. Even with the reopening and Greece’s low infection rates, it is expected that tourism will be reduced by 50% this year. Check out these hotels for your next meetings and events:


After locking down quickly, Austria’s efforts proved effective having less than 100 new cases per day. These efforts in conjunction with social distancing and face mask requirements, have allowed Austria to reopen its shops, restaurants, and hotels.  To ensure the safety of their guests, Austria has set a goal totest 65,000 Hotel employees per week for COVID-19.  Check out these hotels for your next meetings and events:


After being hit the hardest with COVID-19 infections, Italy has opened their bars and restaurants and will allow travelers from within the EU. In addition to lifting travel restrictions, new safety guidelines have been put in place, including social distancing requirements, mandatory temperature checks, and increased sanitation. As people begin to travel again, check out these hotels for your next meetings and events:


Monaco with its well-known extravagant quirks is set to reopen in just that fashion. Spas, hairdressers, beaches, restaurants and cafes have all reopened with enhance sanitation efforts which include floating breakfast trays, retractable restaurant roofs, smartphone menus, and UV robots. Monaco's key to a successful reopening is its goal to provide free testing,  via the Rapid Diagnostic Orientation Test, to all residents and employees. The government has reopened travel to EU residents. Check out these hotels for your meetings and events:


Switzerland has implemented increased sanitation standards and social distancing, as its borders reopen with EU countries. The Council for Tourism has created a “Clean & Safe” program that not only offers travelers peace of mind while traveling, but also enables businesses to apply for the label that certifies they are using the highest standards of cleanliness and safety. Protocols these businesses abide by are implementing social distancing, regular disinfection of high-touch surfaces, and offering contactless payment. As of now, bars, restaurants, and clubs are open but must remain closed between midnight and 6am Casinos, zoos, spas, swimming pools, and amusement parks have also reopened.  Check out these hotels for your meetings and events:


Last year Turkey grossed over $34.5 billion from tourism, making Turkey eager to reopen businesses again. Domestic tourism has resumed and international visitors, even the U.S. and Canada.  In order to restart their tourism industry, Turkey has new guidelines for its hotels and resorts, which include temperature checks, ventilating hotel rooms for at least 12 hours between guests, and requiring face coverings and social distancing. In addition to new guidelines for hotels and resorts, visitors will be required to wear a mask, be examined for symptoms and must provide contact information and their accommodations, in case they or someone who they have been in contact with tests positive for COVID-19. Check out these hotels for your meetings and events:

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Abigail Sakati is a senior marketing major with a minor in accounting at Fairfield University. She has been interning with Aventri since May 2019 as the digital marketing analyst intern.

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