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17 Ideas for Your Future Incentive Events

Kaitlyn Tatulli |

A group of business professionals networking at an incentive eventYour employees work hard for you all year long. To thank them and acknowledge their accomplishments, you may hold internal or incentive events, programs or trips.

To help you celebrate your employees, we’ve researched the best corporate event ideas, and curated a list of the top 17 ideas for your next incentive event. Check them out.


Top 17 Ideas for Your Next Incentive Event


1. Yoga

Give your employees the tools they need to improve their own wellness, by choosing yoga as your next incentive event. An Aventri-employee-approved and continually requested incentive event, yoga is a great way to de-stree employees and promote wellness.  

Aventri employees participating in yoga stretches while at their desks


2. Managers and Executives Cook for Employees

Treat your employees to a special breakfast, lunch, or happy hour by having their managers or executives host and cook for them. This is a great way for managers and executives to display their appreciation for their employees.


3. Cooking Class

One of Aventri’s go-to incentive events, Cooking Classes are a great way to engage employees, while teaching them something new. You can hire a professional chef and hold the cooking class at their restaurant or in your office.

Aventri employees taking cooking classes together

4. Stand Up Comedy

Raise your employees’ spirits by visiting a local stand-up comedian or improv group. Stand-up comedians not only will make your employees laugh, but they will also interact with them throughout the whole experience.


5. Ice Cream Social

Put on a sweet event, by holding an ice cream social for your next incentive event. You can have an ice cream sundae bar, boozy slushies, and more. Aventri recently did this in our Norwalk office and our employees were melting over the homemade treats.

Aventri employees having an ice cream social

6. Laser Tag

Get your employee’s adrenaline pumping by hosting your next incentive event at your local laser tag studio. Not only will laser tag help your employees break a sweat, it will promote team building and trust among peers.


7. Theme Lunches

Channel your employees’ inner foodies, by holding a theme lunch for your next incentive event. Some popular themed lunches that Aventri employees have loved are breakfast for lunch, pizza parties, nacho party, Shake Shack, and more.

Aventri employees having a theme lunch

8. Dress-up the Boss

Give your employees a reward they’ll never forget by dressing up their boss for your next incentive event. Based on survey results from your employees, the boss and executive will have to dress up in a particular costume, a Disney princess, a tutu, an animal costume, etc., and employees can pose with them.


9. Sports Game

Whether it’s a major or minor league football, baseball, or other sporting events, gather your team and take them to the local stadium for a sports game. Whatever the event, employees can enjoy stadium food and bond with each other in team spirit and competition.

Aventri employees participating in a friendly game of softball


10. Mystery Murder Dinner

Mystery Murder Dinners are a beloved classic, and perfect for incentive events. Not only will this event keep your employees engage, but your employees will be randomly assigned to a group, so they can work and solve the murder mystery with peers in the company they normally don’t get to work with.


11. Hiking Trip

Take the event and adventure outdoors, by taking your employees for a hike. Pick a local, scenic location and reward employees after with some good food and drinks. Aventri’s Pune office just did this and trekked to Torna Fort Castle in India.

Aventri employees taking a hiking trip

12. Rent an Airbnb for the Day

Utilize your local Airbnb mansions, and host your next incentive event at one of them. Not only are there often great deals on Airbnb but renting an Airbnb for employees allows them to relax and connect with each other.


13. Hatchet Throwing

Let your employees blow off some steam and de-stress by taking them to your local hatchet throwing studio. According to Aventri’s Reading office, the hatchet throwing as an incentive event was a “hit”.

Aventri employees de-stressing with hatchet throwing

14. Golf with the Boss

Treat a select group of employees to a round of golf with their manager or executive at a local course. If no one plays golf, mini-golf is still a good option. Both activities get employees out of the office and allow employees to spend quality one-on-one time with their boss.


15. Trampoline Park

Channel your employees’ inner kids, by hosting your next incentive event at a Trampoline Park. Not only are Trampoline Parks a ton of fun (according to our own employees), they are also a great workout!

Aventri employees having some fun at a trampoline park

16. Winery or Brewery

Travel to your local winery or brewery and treat your employees to a tasting, vineyard tour, and winemaking demonstration. Afterwards, you can host a company picnic overlooking the vineyard.


17. Company Field Day

Find a local park or field and host a company field day for your next incentive event. You can create teams and have employees play each other in an array of games like volleyball, water balloon toss, obstacle courses, sack races, and more. Aventri’s offices across the globe love to do this. It’s competitive, fun, and relaxing!

Aventri employees having a company field day



What do you think of these top 17 incentive event ideas? Have you held any of these incentive events? How did they go? Let us know by commenting below!

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This Post was Written by Kaitlyn Tatulli

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